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  1. Are MyTopo map elevations in feet or meters? What is the contour inverval?

  2. Are your maps 3-Dimensional?

  3. Are your maps oriented to grid north or true north?

  4. Can 5 x 8 foot Maps be Folded?

  5. Can I get a aerial/satellite image taken during winter (with leaves off?)

  6. Can I get a detailed topo map of a smaller area, like just a few acres?

  7. Can I get a different map print size, like 3 feet by 3 feet?

  8. Can I get a street map, ZIP code map, or map of an entire state?

  9. Can I get military maps at 1:50,000 scale, or maps at 1:100,000 or 1:250,000? How about MGRS grids?

  10. Can I reprint or reproduce a map that I have ordered?

  11. Can I Rotate the Map Image Before Printing?

  12. Can I upload a Google Earth KML/KMZ file for inclusion on a MyTopo custom map?

  13. Can MyTopo print a map that I produced using other software?

  14. Do you offer Canadian topographic maps?

  15. Do you offer Gift Certificates?

  16. Do you sell digital images of your maps?

  17. Do your maps have contour (bathymetric) lines for lakes?

  18. Does MyTopo offer maps (or photo images) outside of the U.S. and Canada?

  19. Does MyTopo produce hunting maps? Where can I get one?

  20. How accurate is the online map preview?

  21. How can I get help?

  22. How can I receive coupons, discounts or promotions?

  23. How do I add GPS points and labels to MyTopo maps?

  24. How do I Create a Custom Map?

  25. How do I fold a MyTopo map correctly?

  26. How do I get a more recent map? And what are US Topos?

  27. How long does shipping take? When will I receive my map order?

  28. How old is the public/private land information?

  29. Is there a legend on your maps? Where can I find topo maps symbols?

  30. What does "scale" mean on a printed map?

  31. What does MyTopo offer?

  32. What happened to Map Pass/Mapcard?

  33. What is the MyTopo Return Policy?

  34. What types of paper do you offer? What paper type is best for framing?

  35. What types of payment do you accept?

  36. Where do I get support for TNP? (Terrain Navigator Pro, Terrain Navigator Std. Edition, Network Edition, TNP Mobile, Maptech, and TopoScout.)

  37. Why am I seeing a strange looking topo map in a swamp / marshy area?

  38. Why does the water (or land) color vary across my map or photo?

  39. Why is my Canadian topo map in black and white?

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