How do I add GPS points and labels to MyTopo maps

To get GPS points on your map, you have a few options. If you can get a GPX file from your GPS, you can upload it to our website by going to our map searching page and using the Custom Map Tool to Upload a GPX layer onto your custom map. GPX files are limited as far as labeling and symbols go.

Another option is to use our Terrain Navigator Pro software to professionally create your high-quality map. Once you have done this, you can email us a PDF file for printing. Start your Terrain Navigator Pro trial with a free seven-day subscription at:

Can I use a KML/KMZ file instead of GPX?
The MyTopo overlay system is fairly rudimentary, and does not support Google Earth KML/KMZ files. However, you can upload your KM./KMZ file to the converter at and create a GPX file from it. Then use our map searching page to Upload a GPX layer onto your custom map.

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