Do you sell digital images of your maps?

At this time we only sell the prints themselves and not digital editions of those maps.  MyTopo retains the copyright on its maps and images (and we like to control the quality by which they are printed.)

If you are looking at setting up your own maps for large format printing, consider our Terrain Navigator Pro software.  It includes classic USGS quad sheets, current aerial photography, and updated street overlays while allowing creation of large files and printouts in layouts similar to what we have on our MyTopo website.

Terrain Navigator Pro also includes a mobile app (similar to "Avenza") for in-field navigation. TNP can generate GeoTIFF images for use in GIS applications, and .KMZ files (with embedded maps) for display on Garmin handheld GPSs.

You can find information on Terrain Navigator Pro (including a free 7-day trial) at:

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