Can I reprint or reproduce a map that I have ordered?

We cannot allow our maps to be reproduced. One reason for that decision is that we include a full money back refund on our maps, and so each individual map has a unique id. With reproduction, our ability to guarantee quality of map printing is not valid. That said, we do offer significant discounts on bulk orders of multiple maps - call us at 877-587-9004 for details and a quote.

We do have a good alternative for you. We have a system, Terrain Navigator Pro, that allows users to print their own maps or send them to print shops for reproduction/printing. The data is exactly the same, and you'll be able to create a MyTopo-style map. In fact, we'll even work with you to print your custom TNP creation on MyTopo's waterproof, oversized, or laminated papers.

Let us know if we can help you. The TNP system is perfect for producing a large-quality of maps for any purpose. Find out more about Terrain Navigator Pro (and try it free for seven days) at:

How about reprinting a map I ordered previously?

Yes. Log into your MyTopo account. Then click View order status and reorder maps - there you will find a list of maps you have ordered previously, along with any that may have been saved in your shopping cart.

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