What happened to Map Pass/Mapcard?

As you may know, Map Pass (aka "Mapcard") was built on an ancient technology platform that was increasingly incompatible with newer operating systems, security software and browsers. Since 2018, we have been extending expired Map Pass subscriptions free of charge, and informed all customers that access to the system would shut down entirely on or after January 15, 2020. All customers were urged to find a suitable replacement, and provided detailed instructions on how to extract way points, markers and tracks that were stored in Map Pass.

Later in 2020, Microsoft announced the end-of-life for the last remaining browser compatible with Map Pass (Internet Explorer) and access to Map Pass has since been disabled (not by any action on the part of MyTopo, but by the current unavailability of compatible browsers and Java software.) 

We welcome the opportunity to continue to serve you with Terrain Navigator Pro, a professional-grade mapping program. It sells for $240 a year, per user, per state. We are happy to provide verified former Map Pass customers with three months of free access (or a 30% discount for a full year subscription) to Terrain Navigator Pro. Please contact us at TNPSupport@trimble.com if you would like to take advantage of this extension or discount.

How does Terrain Navigator Pro differ from Map Pass?
Map Pass was an inexpensive basic digital mapping product with rudimentary options for annotations and markings. TNP allows much more control over label and line colors, and has numerous additional professional features not available in Map Pass. TNP is also cross-platform compatible on Windows PCs, all major web browsers, iOS phones/tablets, and Android phones/tablets.

For more details on Terrain Navigator Pro, please visit terrainnavigator.com. There you will also find a link to try it free for seven days (and for extended periods upon request.)

Can I just browse your collection of maps online?
Certainly. Free browsing of our topographic maps remains available at:

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