Are MyTopo map elevations in feet or meters? What is the contour inverval?

We derive our topographic maps from the US Geological Survey and Natural Resources Canada base maps. Since these maps were produced over many decades and with varying standards, the elevation units and contour interval will vary across the continent and across the source maps that make up your custom print.

For any map, use our map preview feature to read more details in the map's legend including contour interval of the map.

In the US, most maps elevations and contours are displayed in English units (feet). There are some maps produced during the period when the US was starting a conversion to the metric system that have elevations in meters. Canadian maps are approximately 1/2 metric and 1/2 English.

The contour interval will vary between source maps depending on the terrain. Classic USGS and US Topo maps generally range from 5' contours in flatter areas to 40' contours in mountainous terrain. Canadian maps vary from 10' contours to 100 meter intervals.

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