Can I Rotate the Map Image Before Printing?

We offer two options for formatting your map print: wide or tall. We cannot "tilt" or "rotate" the image. The reason is the image must remain north-orientated in order to produce a high-quality, true-to-scale map (which is what we pride ourselves on.)

As an alternative, you could access our map imagery through our professional-grade software application, Terrain Navigator Pro. This application would allow you to export a digital image (.PNG, .JPG, etc.) of the area, which you could then open up in Photoshop (or any graphic editing program.) As such, your map would then be outside of the true-to-scale limitations, and could be manipulated graphically and sent your design to your local print shop. (Or emailed to MyTopo for printing on our wide format printers, waterproof papers, etc.)

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